Foreign mark deposit


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Economic operators established in the European Union or European Economic Area who have sponsor’s marks registered in the respective countries and who intend to sell their articles in national territory, or to mark their articles at Portuguese Assay Offices.


The economic operator must request the filing of its sponsor’s marks from the Assay Office.

Only those sponsor’s marks whose designs are not likely to be confused with the designs of Portuguese assay office marks may be accepted for filing.


The following elements must be submitted:


  1. Duly completed form.
  2. In the case of a natural person – Full identification of the main applicant
  3. In the case of a legal person – Copy of the company incorporation document
  4. Document proving the registration of the sponsor’s mark in the country of origin, in the name of the main applicant, legally certified, or document proving the registration of the sponsor’s mark at a European level.
  5. Two small metal plates bearing the sponsor’s marks whose filing is requested.