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UniqueMark Project


The culture of innovation is one of the main strategic goals of the INCM, considering its cross-sectional impact on the economy and society as a whole. In this regard, the role of its Assay Offices should not be neglected.

Assay Offices have been focusing more and more on innovative methods in order to provide the best service to their customers.

The UniqueMark project, a R&D project implemented in partnership with the University of Coimbra, in 2021, is intended to develop a hallmark for metals and objects of high value, as a complement to the official brands.


The aim will be to create a unique marking for each object, enabling to:


  • Confirm the authenticity of the precious metal item by using an inexpensive and affordable easy-to-use verification tool (such as a smartphone)
  • Create unique contrast marks by using two distinct physical techniques: punching (traditional method) and laser (modern method)


In this way, we ensure traceability throughout the life of each article.


And, more and more,… Hallmark makes the difference!