O que é uma marca de Contrastaria e quais as vantagens


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An item of precious metal is legally marked when the following marks are displayed:


  • Sponsor’s mark, makers’ or equivalent mark;
  • Assay Office mark and standard mark, where the Assay Office mark does not comprise fineness.


The Assay Office Mark guarantees the kind and fineness of precious metals contained in articles of precious metal.


You may see the mark chart here.


The symbol varies depending on the kind of metal:

  • Gold  – right-facing ram’s head for fineness of 750, 585 or 375 and a left-facing ram head for fineness of 999, 916 or 800;
  • Silver – left-facing rabbit head for fineness of  999 and 925 and a right-facing rabbit head for fineness of 835, 830 or 800;
  • Platinum – left-facing hummingbird head for fineness of 999, 950, 900 or 850;
  • Palladium – left-facing lynx head for fineness of 999, 950 or 500.


What are the advantages of Assay Office marks?

The Assay Office Mark is the oldest form of consumer protection. Assay Office marks guarantee the legal fineness of precious metals, i.e. they indicate which percentage of precious metal is contained in each item.
Only then is it possible to attest the legal compliance of each item before its introduction in the market.
It also allows identifying items hallmarked by the Portuguese Assay Office.