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Articles of precious metal released for free circulation and that are for the personal consumption of natural or legal persons are subject to inspection by the Assay Office.

The Assay Office returns the articles of precious metal to the individual without a mark if they do not meet the legal conditions for this purpose, following the payment of the fees due for the services provided by the Assay Office.

Up to 10 articles of precious metal per year are assumed to be imported for own consumption, unless there is a duly justified reason.


The individual must send the following data in a completed declaration or by email:

  1. Details of the individual (name, full address, postcode, NIF, email and contact phone number)
  2. Country of origin of the pieces
  3. Description of the pieces (quantity, type and precious metal)
  4. Declaration that the pieces or artefacts are for personal use and are not intended for any commercial purpose

This information is necessary and required for the analysis and decision on the request.




  1. If the individual himself/herself does not deliver anmailto:contrastarias@incm.ptd/or pick up the items, an authorisation of the person who will do so is required (name and citizen card number).
  2. The individual must send this authorisation to the Assay Office by email, as a reply to the decision email.
  3. The individual must inform the authorised person of his/her customer number.