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Responsibility marks consist of an engraving with a unique and exclusive design, accompanied by a letter. They are used to identify the organisation responsible for placing the article of precious metal onto the market.


This mark is mandatory for precious metal manufacturing companies, jewellery artists and Portuguese melter-assayer, as well as for wholesalers and retailers of imported precious metals that are not legalised for the purpose of being placed on the market. These entities are liable for the following:

  1. Manufacturing defects;
  2. Lack of uniformity between the different articles in the lots submitted for assay, or for the incorrect marking of these articles by the Assay Office on the basis of this reason;
  3. Flaws introduced into articles of precious metal after their respective marking, with the proven knowledge of the owner of the responsibility mark;
  4. Placing on the market of articles of precious metals without an assay office mark;
  5. Placing on the market of articles containing substances subject to authorisations or restrictions under the REACH regulation.


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