Assay Offices closer to the Jewelry Sector


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22 Jul 2020 Assay Offices closer to the Jewelry Sector

Assay Offices closer to the Jewelry Sector


The President of INCM’s Board of Directors, Mr. Gonçalo Caseiro, as well as the Assay Offices, attended a meeting last Friday, 17 July, in which the Mayor of Guimarães and the AORP (Portuguese Association of Jewelers and Watchmakers) also participated, in an initiative promoted by a group of entrepreneurs from the Jewelry sector of Guimarães and Póvoa do Lanhoso.


The goal of this meeting was to carry out a common reflection on solutions for support and incentives to this sector, at a time when it faces significant challenges. It was also the culmination of a tour led by the Assay Offices trough 9 factories located in the district of Braga, a region where traditionally the Jewelry handicrafts play a major role.


An important aspect was the enthusiastic way in which the entrepreneurs welcomed Mrs. Paula Pedro, recently appointed Director of the Assay Offices, who said that this is just the first of several initiatives of the same kind in order to consolidate the spirit of openness and partnership that will guide the Assay Offices’ relations with the Jewelry Sector. It is clear that the dedication with which the Assay Offices carry out their activity is parallel to the real passion with which the entrepreneurs, hosts of the meeting, carry out their work.